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Wealth and Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through proper management of your finances. All of us have financial goals; it could be buying a new home or a holiday home, saving for children's higher education or for their marriage, planning for early retirement or wealth creation and management. Whatever these goals are financial planning provides the direction and meaning to your financial decisions and enables you to understand the impact of each financial decision upon your life goals. One can easily face and adapt to the changes in life with a solid financial plan in place which makes you feel more secure that your goals remain on track.

We Understand Your Needs

At M Private Bank, we believe that a sound financial plan is fundamental and essential towards the achievement of your life's goals and enhancing your quality of life. Financial Plan is a systematic and disciplined process that has to be pursued consistently over the long term. For us, the financial plan starts with listening to our clients, understanding their current financial profile, their long term financial goals and then creating a financial plan that best meets their needs and goals. To create a robust financial plan, it is critical that we fully understand your needs and goals. This would entail finding answers to questions like those given below:

Your Current Financial Situation

  • Do you have a clear picture of your goals and dreams?
  • Have you written out your financial goals?
  • Are you comfortable and satisfied with your current financial situation?
  • Are you monitoring your cash flows?
  • Are you managing your cash flows for liquidity, long term returns or safety?
  • What are your current investments?

Accumulation of Wealth

  • What are your wealth accumulation goals?
    • Is it for a better lifestyle or comforts for you and your family?
    • Is it for buying another home or a vacation home?
    • Is it for diversifying or expanding your business?
    • Is it for some other family related goals?
  • How does your current investment portfolio contribute towards your accumulation goals?
  • What are the timelines/milestones at which money is required?
  • What has been your attitude and approach towards:
    • Risk tolerance
    • Assets like equities
    • Market volatility
    • Diversification

Protecting what is Important to you?

  • How will the future events impact your family's goals?
  • Have you made provisions for your dependants?
  • Have you made preparations for unplanned expenses due to
    • Illness
    • Accident
    • Disability
  • What has been your approach towards
    • Life insurance
    • Home insurance
    • Health Insurance

Management of your Taxes

  • How do you manage your tax liability?
  • Do you understand how the current taxation laws that is applicable to you?
  • Are you eligible for specific tax deduction or exemption?
  • Have you taken advantage of all the relevant provisions as provided in the Income Tax Law?

Your Estate Planning

  • Have you finalised upon a plan for your assets after you are no more?
  • Have you written out your will or created a trust for such transfer?
  • What purpose do you desire that your legacy should serve?
    • Support to your family
    • Support to a charity
    • Support to your community
  • Is your current plan in the position to let you achieve these goals?
Our Financial Planning Process
  • Our Financial Planning Process – We follow a Six Step Process towards Creation and Management of The Financial Plan

    • Step 1 : Identification of your Lifestyle Goals

      We identify and quantify yours and your family’s lifestyle goals & dreams. We then make a detailed note of your current personal & financial situation.

    • Step 2 : Assessing and Identifying the Key Issues

      We make evaluation of your current financial position. We conduct an assessment of your present asset allocation. We review the wealth creation, retirement and estate planning. We review the tax structures e.g. individual, family offices & private companies.

    • Step 3 : Analysis & Planning

      We assess the financial strategy options available to meet your goals. We identify the most appropriate investments to match your risk profile.

      Step 4 : Wealth Management Strategy

      We tailor make the financial strategies which will help you to achieve your stated goals. We provide a detailed recommendation on the asset allocation & investments. We advise on the Wealth Creation & Estate Planning for the preservation of your wealth and legacy.

    • Step 5 : Strategy Presentation & Implementation

      We present the strategies & discuss the rationale behind them. Post your agreement on the plan, we proceed with the implementation of the financial plan. The Relationship Manager facilitates the smooth implementation of all recommendations made and accepted.

    • Step 6 : Regular Review

      We conduct regular review to assess the progress towards achieving lifestyle goals. We review the appropriateness of current asset allocation & investments. We review the new goals that have emerged.