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Specialised Services

We have tie ups with the best Specialist Services Providers in Tanzania who will deliver solutions based on a depth of knowledge. The Services that we offer through our trusted and highly experienced partners are :

Wealth Planning

  • Estate Planning / Succession Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Tax Planning and Advisory

Alternative Investments

  • Art Advisory
  • Real Estate Services
  • Gold
Wealth Planning
    • Estate Planning:

      Estate Planning: Estate planning is a process which involves the counsel of professional advisors who are familiar with your goals and concerns, your assets and how they are owned, and your family structure. It can involve the services of a variety of professionals, including your lawyer, accountant, financial planner, life insurance advisor, banker and broker. Estate planning covers the transfer of property and wealth through tax efficient structure. The core document most often associated with this process is your will.

      An extremely popular estate planning technique is to do nothing and leave things to fate. This approach often leads to family disputes and lengthy court battles. Estate Planning and Trust Services play an integral role in helping families pass along values as well as wealth from one generation to the next.

      M Private Bank provides introduction services for Estate Planning through select third party service providers who aim to ensure that your assets are passed smoothly to your future generations. Our Relationship Manager along with our approved service partner will hold consultation with clients and their legal advisors to ensure that the clients' financial and estate planning objectives complement their desired goals and vision for building a family legacy.

      The third party service provider will provide customised solutions to address your estate and succession planning needs through a combination of structures which could include trusts and wills. The service provider will help you implement the structure and manage the associated fiduciary and administrative requirements during your lifetime and beyond.

      The Bank's role is limited to referring the client to the third party service provider for such Estate planning / Trust execution services. The Bank or the Bank’s representatives do not advise the clients on the same.

    • Succession Planning

      Succession Planning: Succession planning is getting increasingly complicated. It is crucial to plan for the preservation, management and legacy of one's estate. While a simple Will can be a method of planning succession, a structured method by adopting the trust route would add substantial value to your estate and the same would be effectively managed & preserved in your life time and after. M Private Bank adopts a robust process and with the help of Expert Opinion, provides structured Estate Planning.

    • Succession Planning and Trust Services

      We offer these services through our tie-ups with Leading Law Firms in Tanzania and are done via the use of Trusts and Wills. Through our service providers, we offer the whole range of services - structuring of the trust to achieve settler’s objectives, initiating the registration of trust, opening of the bank accounts followed by day to day management of the trust. Objectives of Succession Planning, Investments, Philanthropy, Education of children, Medical expenses, Marriage, Holiday expenses, foster care, etc. get addressed.

      Succession Planning Solutions are for clients having distinct requirements such as :

      • For someone who would like to have different set of beneficiaries for separate pool of assets (not necessarily only separate class of assets)
      • For someone contemplating a Will but is unaware of the trust route as an alternative.
      • For someone who wishes to maintain confidentiality of his financial transactions.
      • For someone running a medium/large scale business but does not have a clear successor to run business, he may seek a professional entity to help him find one, once he is no more.
      • For someone who is looking at a ring fencing so as to enable him to take risks for aggressive growth in business, but at the same time secure the future of next generation, through a life goals plan and others.
      • For unmarried professional/businessmen relocating overseas and leaving behind their significant assets in Tanzania with no one to manage the administrative aspects.
      • For creating a watertight structure to provide for an adopted child or special child.
  • Tax Advisory Services

    Tax Advisory Services

    • Services are offered through tie ups with leading Tax Advisory Service firms in relation to the Personal and Corporate Tax Laws of Tanzania.
    • The endeavour would be to provide a tax compliant and cost effective solution that fits in to your long-term investment strategy.
    • We aim to proactively provide you inputs on new ideas and initiatives from Tanzanian Tax Laws and other regulatory perspective.
    • The service would be based on understanding of your investment strategy which involves the use of innovative financial instruments for risk management and tax planning.
    • We will provide you with a platform of our approved third party service providers, for exchange of views and an interaction with leading tax experts, vet the regulatory and tax implications on your business strategies and views and respond to your specific tax queries on an ongoing basis.

    The deliverables to our clients from the approved 3rd party service provider would be in the form of response over e-mail or in the form of concept notes or mails, unless it is mutually agreed otherwise. Tax Advisory Firm would analyze alternative solutions for you based on possible interpretations of law and exposures involved and the same would be shared with the clients.

    The scope would generally not include the following and these can be provided on a special basis

    • Advise on non-routine or significant matters / actual transactions such as specific deal structuring, product design and implementation, etc.
    • Preparing a draft or review of any documentation which pertains to deals/structures/products, services pertaining to Indirect tax services.
Alternative Investments
  • Art Advisory

    Art is created and enjoyed by many people for various reasons. Art reveals us new ways to see familiar things and how to interpret new situations and events through various kinds of visuals. This creation of visual may be an artist's intention or it may be a side effect of other purposes. Art adds joy, beauty and sensitivity to living.

    There is a trend developing across the world, good art has been growing in value as an investment, lending it an appeal, which is emotional and economic. This trend has added a new dimension to the way one would look a work of art, its economic value. In today's market, art presents an attractive investment option. Going by recent trends of an increasing interest in art and the resultant appreciation in its value what we have in hand is a compelling investment proposition. Art Investment requires a high degree of sophistication and good understanding of the risks associated with it. With the right approach, these investments can yield good returns and is good for diversification due to their low correlation with traditional asset classes. Successful investment in art requires not only extensive know how about the artistic quality and authenticity of the art to be acquired, but also about the peculiarities and the current trends of the art market. It also requires the investor to establish a scenario of future economic and social developments, including international factors such as exchange rate movements, special cultural factors and market preferences.

    In a time when there is so much talk of alternative investments and their increasing use in portfolios to boost performance, studies indicate that art is a very good investment option. Like real estate, investment in art can be securitized. One example would be the advances and guarantees offered by auction houses to their clients.

    The Art Advisory Services are ideally suited for

    • Individuals/Corporates who want to invest in art but are unsure/sceptical of the traditional channels.
    • Individuals/Corporates who want to acquire art to start their own collection.
    • Individuals/Corporates who would want to acquire art to increase their existing collection.
    • Individuals/Corporates who are looking at diversifying their portfolio by investing in alternative investment option.

    At M Private Banking, we have engaged a panel of experts who have a strong background of art investments. These experts would create an art portfolio for you by mapping your risk profile to the art works available and evaluate your current art holdings. To assist you with advice on various art investments or to help you in buying or selling art. We have tie ups with Art houses of repute and engage upcoming local artists. Through the art house we will endeavour to provide our clients with objective information on purchasing, preserving, valuing and selling the art for seasoned connoisseur and emerging collectors.

    The Bank will offer a Non-Discretionary Art Advisory Service assisting new entrants as well as mature investors to invest in art, based on their risk profile. The Advisory would allow you to acquire works of art as per your comfort and the artworks acquired would be kept in your possession.

    For mature investors the Art Advisory Service would offer the following proposition:

    • Acquiring or disinvesting artworks currently in your collection
    • Identifying emerging opportunities through research and need identification
    • Valuations of potential purchases
    • Representing collectors in auctions and all other transactions

    The service that we intend to provide on Art through our empanelled experts would be :

    • Documentation and Archiving
    • Preservation and Restoration
    • Authentication, Certification and Valuation
    • Insurance and Custodial Services
    • Estate Planning
    • Art and Cultural Event Management
    • Museum and Collection Building Services
    • Publication and Design Services
    • Corporate Gifting
  • Real Estate Services

    Real Estate as an asset class helps you diversify the risk in your portfolio. Real estate investment has a negative correlation to equity and other asset classes. Real Estate investments have the potential to provide regular returns even in a highly volatile environment. We will offer the investment services in the following areas:

    • Direct Real Estate Investment
    • Investment in Pre-Leased Assets
    • Investment in Realty Funds*
    • Structured Realty Investment

    At M Private Banking, the Real Estate Advisory desk would endeavour to provide niche property investment services. We would bring in a combination of in-depth market knowledge and real estate industry experience through our strategic tie ups to offer a range of specialized real estate investment services.

    Each investor is unique with differing needs and wants to have access to the best opportunities the real estate market has to offer. Through the experts in this field we will help you to identify sunrise locations and Greenfield projects suitable for your real estate investments. We provide personalized investment services by understanding your real estate investment needs and objectives. As per the analysis of the needs and objectives, we provide you with expert advice and innovative real estate investment solutions.

    With entrepreneurial spirit being the way of life at M Private Bank, our entire approach is geared towards innovation and taking the initiative on behalf of the client in such a way that our clients build their businesses and maximize the gains on the power of our managed network.