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Private Banking

At M Private Bank, our primary aim is to help you meet your life's goals and priorities by understanding them and building strategies around them. To do so, we will customize exclusive plans for our clients for short or long term investment growth that is tailored to meet the needs of every phase of your life. No two clients are the same. This is why we tailor our services to your specific goals and objectives. Every client has different banking and investment needs. At M Private Bank, we strive to work for you to identify your goals and objectives and provide solutions to you that make the most of opportunities for you, your family and your business.

M Private Bank is driven by the emphasis we lay on building long term beneficial relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients to equip them with the ability to address dynamic market opportunities. We emphasise on long term relationships which entails on an ongoing involvement with our clients. We lay strong emphasis on confidentiality and integrity in our dealings with our clients.

At M Private Bank, we believe in fostering a culture that is entrepreneurial and result oriented and that emphasizes on commitment and teamwork. We encourage our team to display high levels of initiative, drive and desire for learning and taking on additional responsibility. We strongly emphasize upon high ethical standards, integrity, honesty and confidentiality in our dealings. We strive to be fair and transparent in our dealings. We will endeavour to be a Proactive Thinking Organization. We will constantly bring thought to everything we do. .

M Private Bank services are by invitation only.

Our Vision

At M Private Bank, we aspire to be Africa’s Preferred Local Private Bank catering to the needs of Discerning High Net Worth Clients, adding value to the relationship by our International Expertise and Incisive Knowledge of Local Markets, backed by the Best Global Practices.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of distinctive Private Wealth Management Services in Africa backed by superior advisory capabilities for discerning clients, with customer centric consultative approach that creates value for all our clients and other stakeholders through our result oriented professional approach to achieve highest level of client satisfaction.

Business Philosophy

At M Private Bank, we will work with the philosophy of acting as the trusted and dedicated adviser to our clients for their Wealth Management needs, by providing our domain expertise, our relationship and integrity at all levels to build an enduring, beneficial and successful relationship with them. It will be our endeavour to provide satisfaction to our customers at every given opportunity through a holistic and disciplined proactive customer centric advisory led approach with exhaustive analysis and prudent decision making.

Our Approach
  • Our Approach is centred on strategic asset allocation to provide growth and income at a level of risk you feel comfortable with.

    We believe that managing Wealth in line with your life goals is a challenging activity. The challenges could be in aspects as personal as succession planning or as complex as the strategies in planning the resources to meet the financial goals and objectives. We believe in spending time with you to understand the personal and financial aspects of your life at every level in order to help you manage your wealth to its fullest potential, so that it can work towards fulfilling the goals of your life and benefit your family and future generations.

    Our approach provides a complete analysis of client’s distinct financial situation and this is used in the integrated investment strategy and management.

    We will strive to assist you in the management of your wealth. We will help you nurture it by providing you with investment strategies as well as your investment and banking requirements. We will help you identify opportunities to grow your wealth through your work life. We will also help you develop your business interests through our Corporate Banking division.

    We will strive to assist you in the Preservation of your wealth for the future. We assist you in introducing you to our approved third party service provider partners who can help you plan your estate to manage inheritance issues and provide you advisory on taxation.

    • Management of Wealth

      We believe that our clients have distinct and complex Wealth Management needs. We will strive to provide you access to informed advice which will help you in the achievement of your life goals. We will not assume anything on your goals and objectives and would be continuously developing your strategic plan to be able to take the dynamic changes in your life in our stride. We understand that our clients have expectations that their private bank should have highest levels of domain knowledge, should offer creative and customised solutions and should have the capability to offer prompt advice whilst maintaining the highest standards of service.

      We believe that you are unique so are your needs, aspirations and goals. We will provide you distinctive solutions after thorough understanding of your current financial situation and your goals and objectives. We will strive to understand your requirements, risk appetite and your investment capacity to help you in the management of your wealth. We will strive to follow the Asset Allocation in sincerity to help you achieve the desired returns while keeping the portfolio volatility in line with your risk appetite.

      We believe that Investing is the first step towards achieving your financial goals. Your Financial Plan needs to be actively monitored to track the performance and ensure that the asset allocation is consistently in line with the agreed objectives. Dynamic Asset Allocation is an integral part of our advisory approach and ensures that your portfolio risk is minimized and returns enhanced by making changes to the strategic asset allocation in view of the current market conditions.

    • Growth of Wealth

      We will strive to build relationship with you that is based on the foundations of mutual trust, respect and understanding to help you in achieving your goals and objectives. We will help you in ascertaining your financial & investment objectives and your risk tolerance, where after, we will work with you to develop tailor made solutions to help you manage, preserve and develop your wealth for your present and future generations. We will adopt a structured and disciplined approach and provide you solutions which meet your desired goals and milestones.

      We will help you to answer the following question on the growth of your wealth – What are your Wealth Growth goals – Is it for better lifestyle / comforts for you and your family, is it for buying a home or a vacation home, is it for diversifying or expanding business or is it for some other family related goals? How does the current investment support your wealth growth goals? What are the timelines/milestones at which the money is required? What has been your approach towards risk tolerance and volatility?

    • Preservation of Wealth

      Many families have excelled in accumulating wealth; however preservation of wealth is an art that has eluded quite a few of them. Quite frequently due to improper wealth management, fortunes decline during inter generational transfer. At times, the importance of passing the legacy to the next generations tends to get overlooked. Wealthy Families always had that need of having a trusted financial adviser but due to their involvement in managing their business, this need tends to get ignored and overlooked. Families need the services of a trusted adviser more than before.

      Some of our clients are people who have achieved a significant success, who understand that strategy and success goes together. Many successful individuals and families have found that making money is an easy job. Its preservation and growth that turns out to be more challenging. We will strive to work on preserving your wealth for you and for your future generations. We will help you in answering and providing for the queries such as - How will the future events impact your family's goals? Have you made provisions for your dependants? Have you made preparations for unplanned expenses due to – Illness, Accident and Disability? We will strive to advise you on your Estate Planning and help you answer queries such as – Have you finalised upon a plan for your assets after you are no more? Have you written out your will or created a trust for such transfer? What purpose do you desire that your legacy should serve – Supporting your family or supporting a charity or supporting your community? Is your current plan in the position to let you achieve these goals?

      M Private Bank is committed towards providing a personalized wealth management experience for our clients and their families. It is our endeavour to make our clients rely on us as a source of advice and individual attention to their needs, from investment advice to wealth transfer planning techniques. At M Private Bank, it is our endeavour to be your advisers who help you to make your money work harder for you.


As many our clients have international lifestyles and are frequent travellers, who have varying financial needs, we never assume anyone’s banking requirements conform to a standard pattern. We do not assume that your investment needs can be addressed by standard financial products or services. We do not assume that your requirements conform to any set pattern. We believe each and every client of ours has unique and distinct requirements. There are no one fits all products or solutions rather we believe in tailor made solutions. We have customised banking and financial solutions for our discerning clients.