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Money. Round the Clock

Money. Round the Clock The cornerstone of the business plan of the Bank M is based on the cash intensive nature of the local manufacturing and trading businesses and in order to address this challenge, we bring to you this innovative packaged delivery channel, aptly named “Money. round the Clock”, which will ensure that you have a bank geared to provide you with an unparalleled 24*7 banking experience through highly skilled teams of customer care and relationship managers. For you, we are providing hereunder a brief listing of the component products and services of “Money. round the Clock”.

Money. 8 am to 8 pm - Despite the Tanzanian economy being cash based, the banking system in the country closes at 3 pm every working day, forcing the corporate & institutional customers to run the risk of carrying their cash collections from 3pm in the afternoon till 8 am next morning in their premises. In order to derisk the corporate & institutional customers of this huge risk and further to facilitate them with better treasury management capabilities, all the branches of Bank M would open at 8 am in the morning and transact business till 8 pm in the evening.

Money. Sunday to Sunday- All the branches of Bank M would be open for business every day of the year (excluding national holidays) i.e. we do banking Sunday to Sunday except for Arusha and Mwanza Branches.

Money. Safe - Our Night Depository service, branched “” is a secure and convenient means of making deposits during non-banking hours. The Money. safe facility gives you the opportunity to make deposits after 8.00pm up to 8.00 am. With this service, you can easily drop off your surplus cash deposits at night in specially secured sealed bags into our fire proof safes. The cash so secured in special bags and fire proof safe can be collected from our Head of Cash on the next working day, where after you can examine that the bag is intact and proceed with the cash deposit process.

Money. Mann For a more secured and convenient transfer of physical cash from your business premises to our branch, we provide Cash in Transit (CIT) services. Using our appointed security company, we will facilitate movement of cash and valuables in locked/ sealed containers under the custody of armed guards. Adding more value into the Money. mann service is the fact that our mobile teller will be available at your business premises for on-site cash verification and issuance of receipts, where after we assume the risk for cash.

Money. Mail - All your non- cash banking documents i.e. cheques for deposit, application for Letters of Credit/ Telegraphic Transfers etc: can be picked up and/ or delivered from/ to your office using our “Money Mail” service. For the pick up and delivery, we use a leading Courier Service business. In order to ensure security and confidentiality, the specially trained couriers use our “Money Mail” bags, which are secured with specially secured bank seals.